Cargo management

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ShoreLink Terminal handles daily operations in the four ports. Every day, we load and unload ships from all over the world. Apart from loading and unloading of ships, we also manage transshipment to and from trucks or trains, as well as associated services such as storage and re-labelling. We can also offer you additional transportation of your goods, with personal service and no compromise.

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If you need transportation to and from the port, we have the resources. Within ShoreLink, we have access to different types of trucks that you as our client can use.

  • Truck for loading and unloading containers (sidelifter)
  • Side opening tipper trucks (For loose goods)
  • Side opening trucks for conventional goods
  • Load exchanger


At all ports, we have cranes manned by skilled and experienced operators. We normally load and unload in two shifts between 6AM and 10PM. Loading and unloading can be organised 24/7.

Lifting capacity

  • Piteå: 100 metric tons and 65 metric tons. Joint lifting 120 metric tons.
  • Skellefteå: 100 metric tons
  • Luleå: 40 metric tons. Joint lifting 70 metric tons.
  • Kalix: jib crane, 40 metric tons

In addition to the cranes we have approximately 100 vehicles available for managing your particular goods such as wheel loaders, trucks, container trucks, towing tractors, jib cranes and more. Read more about the ships we handle here.


Storage management

We operate all storage management at the ports and the port companies own the storage spaces. We also assist with emptying warehouses, labelling and re-labelling goods as well as repacking goods.

There are different types of storage at the ports

  • Kalix: Storage under roof and outdoors by the old quay
  • Luleå: Storage outdoors, in warehouse and in tents.
  • Piteå: Storage in warehouse and under canopy. Limited heated storage. Outdoor storage.
  • Skellefteå: Warehouse and outdoor storage


We currently offer this service primarily in Piteå, where we mainly stuff sawed wood products and paper into containers. Stuffing is done by loadplate or truck. Our trucks are built to be able to drive inside the container, to allow for efficient emptying or filling. Stripping is mainly done by truck or wheel loader.

In Skellefteå, we strip containers that have arrived by rail.

Maybe your goods can also be stuffed into a container to facilitate reaching more destinations? Read more here.

Load carriers


We have a broad experience in loading and unloading different types of ships. Everything from bulk to general cargo, containers and ro-ro.

Our ports have varying depth and length limitations. Read more about the conditions at the respective ports.






Most containers are handled in Piteå where the container line docks.

In Piteå we load and unload to ships, cars and trains.

  • Two port cranes for lifting containers
  • Container trucks and towing tractors for efficient depot management
  • Depots for a wide range of container owners such as NYK, MSC, TransAtlantic and Hamburg Süd.
  • Truck for lifting containers (sidelifter). We can then transport them to and unload them at the customer’s location.
  • Loadplate and trucks for stuffing and stripping containers


Within ShoreLink, we have a wide range of vehicles at our disposal.

  • Truck for loading and unloading containers (sidelifter)
  • Side opening tipper trucks (For loose goods)
  • Side opening trucks for conventional goods
  • Load exchanger


All four ports have railway lines connected to the port area, where we can load and unload your goods to and from trains. We are able to load and unload different types of goods such as:

  • trailers
  • cars
  • containers
  • pallet goods
  • timber and bulk goods


Bulk goods

ShoreLink Terminal handles an annual volume of 3,000,000 metric tons of bulk goods, mainly consisting of goods such as coal, coke-oven coke, limestone, bentonite, dolomite, scraps, ferroalloys etc.

The coal imported by SSAB in Luleå is by far the dominant type of goods, with an annual volume of more than 1.5 million metric tons.

Pulp and paper

ShoreLink Terminal handles an annual volume of about 500,000 tons of kraftliner and paper pulp. The goods are very sensitive to mechanical damage. We continually work to improve quality assurance and exception reporting, thus minimising potential damage. Kraftliner and pulp are being handled mainly in the Piteå and Kalix area.

Pulpwood and chips

ShoreLink Terminal handles an annual volume of 500,000 cubic metres of pulpwood and chips in the Piteå and Kalix area. The goods are used as raw material in the local paper mills. Pulpwood and chips are managed by several major players in a transport chain demanding high capacity and functionality. Our staff and our cranes, equipment and machines are more than successful in meeting these demands.

Sawn wood products

Local sawmills in Norrbotten and Västerbotten export large volumes of Northern Swedish quality wood to the continent, through our ports. Annually, 800,000 cubic meters of sawn wood products are handled by ShoreLink Terminal, mainly in the Skellefteå and Piteå areas.

Miscellaneous goods

ShoreLink Terminal handles 500,000 metric tons of miscellaneous goods per year. This includes metals to and from Boliden, Rönnskärsverken, parts for local wind turbine projects and various other project cargos, for example large machines and components for the mining industry.

Shipping lines

The container line

Every week, a container feeder arrives at Piteå for both loading and unloading of goods. You can reach the entire world as the line covers several logistics hubs for containers such as Hamburg and Antwerp.

Shipping line: TransAtlantic

Route : Kokkola, Oulu, Kemi, Piteå, Hamburg, Antwerp.

Feeder docking weekly, on Thursdays. Se also the Voyage schedule

The England Line - Skellefteå

The cargo consists primarily of sawed goods from sawmills in the Norrbotten and Västerbotten counties. Also smaller amounts of miscellaneous bulk goods.

Shipping line: Ahlmark. Read more at  Ahlmark Lines

Departures: Between once every two weeks and once every four weeks

Destinations: Shoreham, Hull, see also the voyage schedule

The England Line - Piteå

The cargo consists of sawed goods from sawmills in Norrbotten county.

Shipping line: Wagenborg. Read more at Wagenborg Shipping

Destination: Hull

Docking once every two weeks on Mondays.

The RoRo Line

The Ro-Ro Line arrives in Piteå every Thursday with project goods from all over the world and newly manufactured cars for the Norrbotten and Västerbotten counties, from Södertälje.

Shipping line: Wagenborg. Read more at Wagenborg Shipping

Route: Bremen, Sheerness, Terneuzen, Södertälje, Piteå

Cargo: On departure (going south), primarily kraft liner. On arrival (going north), primarily project cargo and cars.